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"Energized is the highest state of health and the Mother of Performance in all its forms..."

It presents itself when you take care of different parts in your life that all inpacts your wellbeing in different ways.

Continuity is Key, but the sequence of how you apply the healthy measures is also a super powerful aspect.

HAPPEE* is my method of how to create holistic healt. It is based on a sequence that I have created and worked with for more than 30 years to boost both personal growth, health & top performance. 

I believe that mobility is THE place to start your journey in towards where you would like to see yourself in the future. 

Health, work results, good relationships, top performance etc. are all effects of being powerful and in balance -  Energized!

Set your goals in life and let's get you energized:)​​

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Mobility is an important start to create health - Specific treatments and then individual yoga exercises is a boost.  Slow yin yoga or Hatha yoga to restore your body and release the power you already have is a smart way to continue. 

In th ENERGIZE part of MOVE you can find training programs from many of my friends that are specialized in different ways of training. 

Health and well-being are closely linked to pain, tension and inflammation in the body. Pain takes your energy both physically and mentally. A well-functioning body, from the inside out, makes it easier for the body to regulate this tension, release it and recover.

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In the Food* section I talk about different ways to "Diet" and my own input after trying a lot of them. I hope to help you find your way of eating in that will fit you in a long perspective. There are also some Works Talk* with input on dietary supplements in what different environments & climates crave, women and men, etc. Check it out... 
In the ENERGIZE section you can find a lot of easy to do recipes.

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Our thoughts, feelings, emotions and mindset control our views on life and can be trained!

Body and mind are connected.

The higher the performance you seek, the more careful you need to be to allow your brain to rest, sort impressions and recover. Of course that also goes for the most basic needs like a good nights sleep or being able to wind down...

Whatever performance you want to optimize in your life; endurance, explosiveness, technique, being injury-free, boost mental focus or sleep well is based on the same principle: Your current mobility sets the limit for you physically and your brain's ability to focus and function largely sets the mental limit. The easiest way to set the mind free is to do some body exercises firs - just as the yogis have done for ages. This is also my methodology...

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“I have been a client of Mikael´s for many years and during many fases in life: out of shape, in shape, pregnant, motherhood, stressed out and in balance… 

Mikael´s treatment sessions always deliver fast results and in combination with his simple but very effective DIY movement programs, I resolve pains and stiffnesses. 

Nowadays I do some exercises in the morning and some at bedtime. They only take a few minutes but makes a big differens!

Anna Hockman


Roslagsgatan 21, 1/2 floor down, Vasastaden, 113 57 Stockholm

Mobile / WA: +46 733500090

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