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With a passion for people and perfect mobility...

Mikael is a Dr. of Naprapathy and certified by the Swedish Health Department since 1995. 

He is also a certified Grand Master of Reiki healing as well as the creator of a movement system based on the bodys biomechanics and yoga, called Mobility Works.

He has practiced in Sweden, USA and Indonesia before coming back to Sweden again in 2020.

Naprapathy is a mix between Chiropractics, Osteopathy and Physiotherapy, focusing on increasing mobility and functionality in the bodys joint and muscular systems, thus dissolving pain and boosting performance in many areas.

In Mikaels treatment sessions he incorporate many different views and measures to unlock and optimize a bodys mobility, flexibility to unleash Top Performance.

Chiropractics, acupressure, yoga, stretching, Neuro programming as well as TCM

(Traditional Chinese Medicine) Spine Meridian Acupressure and Reiki Healing are used in a holistic approach to your problem.

Mikael has successfully helped people with complex pain syndromes as well as helping Pro athletes to reach Top Performance and a pain free life.

Athletes from many different sports have come to Mikael to relieve symptoms from overused bodies, trauma or to increase technical skills.

Professional Dancers, Ballet dancers, NHL hockey players, Professional Golfers, Skiers etc. have all been helped at Mikaels clinics.

Mikael have been Head of Physio and Mobility in both the Swedish and Austrian National Golf Team. 

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